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  1. Tent Site Inspections
    Site inspections are offered free if needed. They are performed to verify the tent will fit and can be installed safely in the area the customer requests. Inspections will be performed by All American crew if needed prior to Set-up and Delivery on committed rentals.
  2. Seating Chart
    Aside from main traffic aisles, allow 4 1/2 feet between round tables for chair and service space. Allow 5 feet between oblong tables where seating is back to back. This permits 24" service space behind 18" chair depth
  3. Tent Photos
    Check out our gallery page to see pictures of our fantastic tents!
  4. Contact Us
    Contact us by phone or by email to book your tent for your event today!
Welcome to All American Event Rentals - where events turn into special celebrations.

Finally, you said 'yes'. And now is the time for planning the best day of your life.

We are All American Event Rentals, your best source for tent rentals and more. We're here to help you set up the perfect outdoor wedding you have been dreaming of. We are the experts who understand your needs and we strive to provide the best venue for your special event.

Here at All American Event Rentals, we cover your events with style. Backed with more than a decade of setting up event venues, we have mastered the art of styling with elegance, class and exquisite creativity to personalize your event. We make outdoor events something more than special. We make it a dream come true.

We provide a variety of event rentals from tents, tables, chairs, accessories, table tops and event equipment for moderately sized events including weddings, birthdays, graduation, religious events and other family or business gatherings. We have it all here in our one-stop shop for all your event rental needs. It is our pleasure to provide you with high-quality event rentals at a fair price you won't find anywhere else.

All American Event Rentals, take pride in providing top-notch service to every client that we serve. We do our work seriously and treat it as our own. Our crew of experts delivers the quality of service that goes beyond your expectations. Our goal is simple - to make every event remarkably special.

So when planning for your wedding, it is important that you make it right. This marks the start of a new phase in your life that will lead you to a lifetime of commitment and love. What better way to start your life with the love of life than creating the perfect wedding in a venue that will set the tone of true love in the air. Trust our wedding tent rentals Sullivan County NY to help you with it.

Allow us to help you set up the most elegant tent for your wedding venue. We would love to make your dream event a reality, only here at All American Event Rentals.
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